Michael and the FabService Team

Why this site?

Hi, I’m Michael Astorino.

I’ve spent the last 30 years or so in service industries most of them running a dry cleaning business – Fabricare.  

In an industry that is very price sensitive, service is the differentiator.

Our Original Approach to Customer Service 

With that in mind, at Fabricare, we would train new employees and have periodic meetings about how to provide great customer service.

But, somehow, I felt that just wasn’t enough.

I was concerned by my experiences at other companies where I was the CUSTOMER, not the business owner.  

Whether on line, in a restaurant, doctor’s office, etc. I would constantly experience poor service.  With each experience, I would ask myself, “would our business treat customers this way?”.

Customer Service means thinking “out of the Box”

I began to realize that training  was just the tip of the iceberg.   

We needed to build a culture of service that was ongoing.  

This meant sharing our experiences with customer service – both good and bad.  

By continually keeping an open discussion about how we each individually would handle customer concerns and increase customer satisfaction – we could all learn from each others experiences.

A Place To Share Ideas

What better way to do that than through a blog where our whole business can share in the forum?

With several delivery drivers on the road and three different locations, this site is the solution for us to create Fab Service for our customers.

And why keep all this wonderful knowledge to ourselves? Let’s open it up to the world.  

Doesn’t everyone want to receive better service?  Doesn’t every business want to give better service?

So, let’s begin this journey together.

Share Your Ideas and Share the Site 

Join in on the conversation.  Share the site with whomever you think might be interested.  

Let’s make great customer service something that’s second nature.  Heck, it’s not only good for business; it’s just plain good for everyone!

“The answer is yes. What’s your question?”

— Ritz Carlton