Creating a Culture of Service
October 4, 2017

I’m passionate about service.

I enjoy serving others and finding ways to make their experience more enjoyable.  I also appreciate good service and am truly grateful when it’s exceptional.  

I started this blog with the goal of helping to create a culture of exceptional service in our organization.  

The thinking was simple.  

By starting a conversation about service that takes place in and outside our businesses, our team would get the fundamentals as well as the nuances of service.  

The Definition of Service is Not the Same for Everyone

The first realization I had was that good service (let alone “exceptional”) varies from individual to individual.

For many employees, the definition of good service is just handing a customer their order.

The Best Way to Communicate with the Team

The next thing I realized was that getting them to read and respond to the monthly blog wasn’t working either.  

The lofty ideal of getting team members to respond to blog posts with their own experiences was next to impossible.  

Creating a Great Culture of Service is the Goal

So here we are writing our 6th post and I’m realizing that creating a culture of great service is going to be a journey that will be a learning process for all of us.  

The hope is to uncover the secrets of great service and then build the culture around them.

More importantly, the goal is to have everyone on the team bring their ideas to the conversation of what we all can do to improve service.

The 3 R’s of Building a Culture of Fab Service

As such, we are instituting the 3 R’s of building a culture of Fab Service through the Fab Blog.

First –         Read the blog.  

Second –    Relate the post either through service you’ve given or received.

Third-        Respond so that we all can share.

The blog can’t be passive for this to work so we’re implementing the 3 R’s above.  

We are also going to meet monthly and discuss the most recent blog.  

This is the Plan

Because it’s too difficult to get everyone in one place at the same time, we are going to start with just the managers and get them to spread the word.  

We will begin this process this month so stay tuned for the results and PLEASE give your feedback on any thoughts you have on the subject!