December 23, 2019

While at a customer service seminar, I asked the presenter, “can good service be taught to anyone or do you need to be brought up a certain way?”  The presenter didn’t hesitate and said, “Yes.  Anyone can learn good service.”   With that advice, I was determined to train on customer service for which is partly the reason for this blog.  

As the grateful owner of a business with a great team of customer service representatives, I often hear feedback on the service when I see or talk to customers.  I am proud that that feedback is often very positive and I also welcome any not-so-positive feedback as it is all helpful.

With that concept in mind, I bring you Elena Johnson (better known as “Joy.”)  In my 28 years as a business owner, no one gets a more compliments than Joy. People go out of their way to tell me that they stop in to see Joy even when they don’t have any clothes to drop off or pick up!

(Now, I need to pause here before going further and acknowledge, again, that we have a GREAT TEAM of customer service reps at both stores, with our drivers, in our office, etc.  I am singling out Joy for the hopes that we can learn something from a customer service perspective)

Since the point of this blog is to get at the essence of a good customer service concept, let’s break down what makes Joy…”special.” 

  1. She is authentic.  She really loves her job.  She loves her job because she truly  loves her customers. And they love her.  
  2. Sincerety creates relationships. Real relationships.  Real conversations; not just ones about the weather or topical news.  
  3. Learn to like people!  All of them.  Not just the customers who make it easy.  Be curious about them and their lives, interests, etc.  
  4. Learn to like yourself. Your life.  At the Fabricare Christmas party the other day, a fellow employee asked Joy how she was doing, Joy answered an enthusiastic “I am great!!”
  5. View customers as friends instead of an inconvenience.  So often we focus on how demanding some customers are instead of seeing them just wanting what was promised to them.  Remember the CARE in Fabricare stands for Customers Are the Reason we Exist!
  6. You get what you give.  Joy will tell you how good it makes her feel to see customers around town and they yell out her name and chat with her. And she knows a lot of people!  Relationships go two ways. 
  7. “Joy” is contageous.  When you’re happy and positive it rubs off on others.  People want to be around “JOYful” people.

So, I think it’s fitting at this time of year, to recognize a special Joy.  One who brightens whatever room she is in. Apply this spirit to customer service and life and the world will be a little better. 

Have a Fab Holiday season!